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Compensation Policy


Compensation Plans Overview:
The Compensation Plans described herein have been meticulously designed to reward Champions for their exceptional efforts in referring new members to Ubuntu Botho Life and facilitating their registration and payment of monthly membership fees. The Company is proud to affirm that these Compensation Plans shall remain unchanged, and Champions will receive their referral commission precisely by the level in their downline in perpetuity, except in limited circumstances outlined in Clause 3.

Champion Eligibility:
Champions plans must maintain an active, paid up and compliant status with Ubuntu Botho Life to be eligible for any commissions and rewards under these Compensation Plans. By accepting the terms and conditions of membership, Champions hereby accept these Compensation Plans and any subsequent changes made by the Company as the final versions. The Compensation Plans are envisaged to pay Champions forever, as long as they remain active, dedicated, and their downline Champions fulfil their obligation by paying their monthly membership fees.

Changes to the Compensation Plans:
The Company shall take every measure to maintain the integrity of these Compensation Plans and uphold the commitment to paying referral commissions unchanged and by level in their downline in perpetuity. Changes to the Compensation Plans will only be implemented due to measures and actions affecting the Company that are outside of the control of directors and the Company, and where it is absolutely necessary for business profitability. Such changes shall be communicated clearly to members with sufficient time for comment and due process.

The Company will provide Champions with a reasonable notice period to review proposed changes and provide feedback. All changes shall be subject to a thoughtful and transparent evaluation process, considering the potential impact on Champions and the long-term sustainability of the business. The Company will diligently consider all comments and concerns raised by Champions during this period.

Access to Online Portal:
All Champions will have access to their individual online portal, wherein they can view their full transaction history, team genealogy, and other relevant financial information related to their participation in Ubuntu Botho Life. The online portal serves as a comprehensive resource for Champions to monitor their performance, earnings, and progress within the program.

It is the duty of each Champion to familiarize themselves with their own Ubuntu Botho online portal and regularly review their transaction history and team genealogy to ensure accuracy and track their referral commissions effectively. The Company shall provide necessary assistance and support to Champions for any queries or clarifications regarding
the online portal.

Referral Commission by Level:
Referral commissions will be paid out on a multi-level basis and allocated to the transaction history of each Champion in their upline as follows, and as per plan as elected by the champion:

Final Decision on Commission Payments:
Ubuntu Botho Life retains the final say in determining the payment of commissions to Champions. In the event of any discrepancies or disputes concerning referral commission payments, the matter shall be referred to the Board of Directors of Ubuntu Botho Life. The decision rendered by the Board of Directors shall be final and binding, and Champions agree to accept and abide by the decision.


Compensation Plans Subject to Local Laws:
This Compensation Plans are subject to all applicable laws and regulations of South Africa. The Company shall adhere to these laws and will act fairly in relation to the Compensation Plans. Champions are encouraged to report any concerns or grievances related to the Compensation Plans to the Company’s support team.

The Company and Champions agree to indemnify, defend, and hold each other harmless from and against any claims, liabilities, damages, losses, or expenses arising out of or in connection with the implementation and operation of these Compensation Plans.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction:
This Addendum, along with the Membership Agreement, shall be governed by the laws of South Africa. Any disputes arising from or relating to these Compensation Plans shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Western Cape, South Africa.

This document serves as the complete and final Compensation Plans for Champions of Ubuntu Botho Life. By accepting the terms and conditions of membership, Champions acknowledge and agree to abide by the provisions outlined herein, including the Company’s authority to make the final decision on commission payments and the resolution of any discrepancies. The Compensation Plans are intended to reward Champions indefinitely, contingent upon maintaining an active status and ensuring their downline Champions’ compliance with monthly membership fees.