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Frequently asked questions

Got questions? Here's answers.

Ubuntu Botho Life have five membership plans to choose from. These plans range from only R80 annually to R550 per month for our Premier Plan for SADC nationals residing in South Africa. Our plans cater for all legally residing in South Africa.

If you work hard and commit yourself to the business the earning potential is unlimited, and Champions can earn in excess of R340 000 per month. Hard work pays off, champions are paid monthly forever, so long as their referrals are active and pay their membership fees.


The following steps are to be noted by current and future champions.

Step 1: Be referred by a champion and register.

Step 2: Choose a membership plan and pay your first payment.

Step3: Champion will receive a welcome pack and call from the Ubuntu Botho Life call centre.

Step 4: Champion to attend a business opportunity presentation and invite friends and family.

Step 5: Introduce more champions to the Ubuntu Botho Life programme and earn referral commission every month forever

Step 6: Attend as many training and business opportunity seminars as possible.

Step 7: Teach others to recruit further champions, then earn, earn, earn!!!!!

No, this is a 100% ethical company with great suite of products, an unparalleled and transparent compensation plan and supported by globally accredited product and service providers.

Yes you do! Ubuntu Botho Life coaches will assist in training you and your downline champions. The success of your business is entirely dependent on how effective your recruited champions are. They will need training and assistance in order to reach their full potential.

Commissions are paid on a monthly basis.

If you have previously been in contact with an Ubuntu Botho Life champion, reach out to them for their unique sign up link. If you have not been in contact with any member, sign up using the registration form below and a champion will get in contact with you shortly.

Ubuntu Botho Life was registered in 2019 and we have just recently launched our South African operations. The insurers, and service providers have been carefully selected by the Ubuntu Botho Life board members and have been in existence for many years and are registered with the relevant recognized statutory bodies and institutions.

Champions over the age of 65 are eligible to join the program, they just won’t be eligible for the funeral cover. As such it is recommended, they either take the R80 starter pack or the R200 transactional card and starter pack. These amounts are only paid upfront and annually thereafter. Champions are then able to utilize the Champions Hub to refer and earn commissions, even if they are over the age of 65.

Champions receive their compensation every month as long as the referring champion pays, forever. There is no future reduction in percentages, amounts or frequency of payments to champions so long as payments are made, the compensation flows to the champions wallets.

Compensation plan cycles run from the 26th to the 25th of the calendar months. After the 25th, Champions will request compensation of the available wallet balance, and if all plans are paid up to date, the compensation will be paid directly into the nominated account before the 1st of the following month. Allow 2 working days for payments to reflect.

Champions membership have three statuses.

Active (Green) – Active and paid up. Champion can refer and earn.

Inactive (Grey) – Monthly fees in arrears and NO benefits accrue. Champion cannot refer, however can earn from their existing downline.

Expired (Gold) – Monthly fees in arrears, however within a grace period and benefits DO accrue. Champion cannot refer, however can earn from their existing downline.

The policy will turn from active to inactive if the monthly membership fees are not paid with a 3-day grace period. Emails will be sent to the champion to make the payment, failing which the membership will expire and become inactive. The waiting period on any funeral cover will commence again. That is why its critically important to pay the monthly and annual membership fees.

Yes, by referring a monthly plan every time the referring champion pays their membership fees, you will receive your compensation directly into your wallet. This payment will happen every month forever, so long as the referring champion pays their fees monthly.

Yes, so long as you have payment champions in your downline, and they pay, you will always receive your compensation and commissions as specified.

Yes, not only is Ubuntu Botho Life a business opportunity, but upon membership payments being kept up to date, you the champion receive the basket of benefits as stipulated in your chosen plan. Please check your plan to ascertain your applicable benefits and make sure your membership fees are up to date.

All referrals, their chosen plans, and the associated champion compensations are clearly displayed in every champion’s hub. The referrals are recorded, and the transaction history will reflect every transaction, the source of the transaction, and a champion’s wallet balance. This happens in real time, and there is no need to wait as the system is updated with payments in real time, making The Champions Hub a first of its kind real time interactive system.

Your Champions Hub associated downline and wallet balances are an asset registered in the name of the registered champion. Upon passing, the nominated beneficiary (as nominated by the main champion) will be ceded the champions account and receive any payouts as per the membership plans. A short form is signed, whereby authority is handed over to the beneficiary and the business and compensations then continue forever!